Welcome to Medical Professional Institute (MPI)

Accredited Healthcare Career School

Medical Professional Institute is an accredited healthcare career school.  People choose healthcare training at Medical Professional Institute (MPI) because MPI has real world experience and an exceptional track record but that’s not all. Medical Professional Institute is accredited by ABHES, has small class sizes, and offers hands-on training, financial aid and job placement so every student has an opportunity to begin their healthcare career immediately upon graduating. MPI offers a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs. We are different because we are accredited and experienced something that is hard to find in a career school.

Our Programs

Education for the Real World!

Medical Professional Institute (MPI) offers hands-on experience in a lab setting with experienced healthcare professionals as instructors. Whether your field of study is Practical Nursing (LPN), Phlebotomy/EKG Technician, Medical Assistant or Nursing Assistant (CNA) MPI offers externship training where you will learn a real life experience and apply your skills to become a valuable member of Medical Professional Institute and the healthcare provider community. MPI’s affiliates, where students will attend their externships, are the most prestigious medical care centers in and around Greater Boston. Once your career school training and externship are complete, MPI offers job placement assistance to help you begin your healthcare career immediately.

When do classes start at MPI?

Healthcare career school programs and classes start at MPI quarterly. Each quarter is 10 weeks and classes are held Monday – Friday both days and evenings. For a more detailed schedule and course information or to talk to a representative please contact our Admissions department at admissions@3b2.6de.myftpupload.com or call us at 781-397-6822.

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