Practical Nursing Program

Program Status

Medical Professional Institute is no longer offering the Practical Nursing program. Click here to see the original letter of program Approval with Warning status. Click here to see the status release from June 2016.

From the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing
Members of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (Board) at their meeting on November 18, 2015 reviewed the status of the Medical Professional Institute, Practical Nursing Program (Program) in light, of the Program’s ongoing annual NCLEX less than 80% for the first time writers pass rate (2014-77%, 2013-70%, and 2012-68%). The Board voted to find the Practical Nursing Program has not provided satisfactory evidence of its compliance with the following regulations: 244 CMR 6.04(1)(b), (1)(c), (1)(e), (1)(g), (2)(b)(5), (3)(a)2, (4)(a), (4)(b)3, (4)(b)4, (4)(b)5, (5)(a), (5)(c), and (5)(f).

As a result the Board determined that the Program warrants Approval with Warning status and must as specified at 244 CMR 6.08(2):
-immediately notify all enrolled students and program applicants in writing, in accordance with established current Board guidelines, of the program’s Approval with Warning Status, the basis therefor, and the necessary corrective action(s) and;
-inform all program graduates, who have not yet written the NCLEX-PN, that they remain eligible to do so.

The Board also directs the Program to submit a report, prepared by the Program Administrator and faculty addressing its correction of the cited deficiencies. The report will be reviewed at the Board’s April 13th, 2016 meeting. To facilitate this review kindly endure my receipt of the completed report by no later than March 25, 2016.

Please ensure my receipt of copies of all correspondences to Program applicants and enrolled students regarding the Program’s change in approval status, the basis for the change, and the corrective action plan by no later than December 4, 2015.

Lastly, the Board recommends the Program Administrator seek expert consultation to assist in the corrected the cited deficiencies. Please feel free to contact me at (removed) if you have any questions regarding this action.


Kathleen S. Ashe, MSN, RN, CNE
Nursing Education Coordinator

Going forward Medical Professional Institute will solely be offering Medical Assistant as well as Phlebotomy & Electrocardiography Technician. If interested, please fill out an information request here.