Preparing for the Pre-Application Assessment

Medical Professional Institute requires all applicants to take what has been termed the Pre-Application Assessment test. This test consists of 30 multiple choice questions in the subjects of Math, Reading, English, and Science. This test is timed at a maximum of 45 minutes and is administered on a computer. The passing score for this assessment is 70% (21 questions correct out of 30). Applicants will be allowed to take this test three (3) times within one calendar year. If the first assessment is not passed, applicants would need to wait two weeks before attempting another assessment. If the second assessment is not passed, applicants would need to wait three months before attempting the assessment again.

This page is dedicated to preparing you for the Pre-Application Assessment test.

Step 1: Review our Pre-Application Assessment Study Guide

Click here to view a PDF version of our Pre-Application Assessment Study Guide.

Step 2: Take the Pre-Application Assessment Practice Test