Alumni Testimonials

Dimaris Rampersaud, Practical Nursing Class 2009

Medical Professional Institute is a place where people of different backgrounds meet together to share one common goal, education. Not only is it just education but also the chance to meet new friends, experience a new culture and discover more about yourself. I left the practical nursing program with skills that are important in today’s world and even when classes ended MPI prepared me to pass my board and work within the nursing field. There is something special about the staff at MPI. My teachers were absolutely exceptional, and I owe so much to them for my success today. I will surely miss them.

James Carey, RPT Clinical Research Tech – Pediatrics

I would like to start by saying that you have chosen a great center of learning for the particular field you are interested in pursuing. When I first started at Medical Professional Institute I was really nervous about the whole medical field, but the staff and teachers helped and assured me that everything would be fine, they were right. After completing all the required course work I was given the opportunity to do my externship at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (HVMA) in Somerville, they ended up hiring me and I had the opportunity to work in many of their locations. My time at (HVMA) was very interesting and I met a lot of great people and developed my phlebotomy skills, but I knew I could do more professionally, so I moved onto the Joslin Diabetes Clinic in Boston, MA. Being employed as a Pediatric Clinical Research Technician, at the Joslin, has allowed me to develop my skills and to excel in the area of pediatric phlebotomy. I first started at the Joslin in February of 2003 and am currently finishing my first year of nursing school at Laboure College. Medical Professional Institute gave me the opportunity to follow my dream of being a nurse and to care for children who are sick or injured. I wish you well in all your choices and remember that there are no dreams too high to reach.

Good Luck.

Eric A. Letson, Graduate Phlebotomy/EKG 2010

I’d like to begin this letter by thanking you and your wonderful staff for the great educational experience I received while being a student at Medical Professional Institute (MPI).

During my time at MPI, I learned a great deal about Phlebotomy and EKG along with learning about patient care. MPI offers a great environment conducive to learning, excellent staff, and a top notch facility to ensure the learning experience is to that of the real world.

I commend you and your staff for providing superior service in getting me into an externship program. You will be happy to know that I have now been offered a position at my externship site. With this being only the beginning of my medical career, I am certain I took the best first step by attending MPI.

If in the future I want to explore any nursing program options, medical assistant, etc, I will be sure to attend MPI.

William H. McKinney, LPN, Practical Nursing Class of 2009

I had always thought of the Medical profession as a great career but never thought I could be a part of it, then after years in a fading industry I was left in a the position where I had to choose a new career. I began looking at nursing programs offered by local schools and hospitals. I found that they had long waiting lists, inconvenient schedules, and even required me to go back and take courses I had already taken in the past. I was very fortunate to find Medical Professional Institute. They offered a one year PN program that I could start right away. I soon found myself studying harder than I ever studied in my life, but actually liking it! Working together with classmates, teachers and staff who all have the same goal in mind gave me a sense of belonging that was unexpected and kept me right on track. I can honestly say I enjoyed the challenge. It seems like the year just flew by and now I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with hands-on clinical experience, ready to start my new career. Thanks MPI!

Donna Dingwell Richardson, Phlebotomist, Phlebotomy & Electrocardiography Class of 2014

My experience at MPI was an amazing one. I started with no friends and graduating with many friends. The school was not what I expected. It went way beyond what I had imagined. It isn’t a fly by night school, you really have to study in order to achieve your goal. And you have everyone, your fellow classmates and teachers pulling for you. They (teachers) go out of their way to help you achieve your goal. The teachers are there to help you when your lost and don’t understand what’s going on. Your classmates who start as strangers end up caring whether you pass or fail. And your classmates become concerned if someone misses a class. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I just wish I knew about this school a lot sooner. I would recommend this school to anyone who isn’t afraid to study in order to achieve a career that will change theirs lives for the better. All I can say is