Careers in Healthcare: Future Outlook

When it comes to careers in healthcare, we are living in an exciting time!

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the future outlook for all of the career paths we provide education for here at MPI – including Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy & Electrocardiography Technician.

What does all this mean? BLS states that the average growth for most careers through 2022 is 11%…as you can see from the numbers above, almost everything we provide education for at MPI has at least double that projected growth over the next decade.  That means that these career paths will continue to have good opportunities for the foreseeable future.

MPI is proud to offer programs that prepare students to take advantage of these opportunities and find success in the projected growth that is happening in many areas of healthcare.  You can learn more about our programs here, or see real-world examples about how pursuing a career in healthcare has positively impacted MPI students.

*All statistics come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, accessed 6/1/14