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Healthcare Career School

Medical Professional Institute is an ABHES Accredited healthcare career school.  People choose healthcare training at Medical Professional Institute (MPI) because MPI has real world experience but that’s not all. Medical Professional Institute is accredited by ABHES, has small class sizes, and offers hands-on training, financial aid for those who qualify. Every student has an opportunity to begin their healthcare career immediately upon graduating. MPI offers a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs.

Our Programs

Education for the Real World!

Medical Professional Institute (MPI) offers hands-on experience in a lab setting with experienced healthcare professionals as instructors. Whether your field of study is Practical Nursing,  Phlebotomy & Electrocardiography Technician, Medical Assistant or Nurse Assistant Training with Home Health Aide. For Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy & Electrocardiography Technician students, MPI offers externship training where you will learn real life experience and apply your skills to become a valuable member of Medical Professional Institute and the healthcare provider community. MPI’s affiliates, where students will attend their externships, are medical care centers in and around Greater Boston. After completion of a program MPI offers job placement assistance to assist our graduates in their job search for their course of study.  Job placement is not guaranteed.

When do classes start at MPI?

Classes at MPI start quarterly for most programs. For a more detailed schedule and course information or to talk to a representative please contact our Admissions department at admissions@mpi.edu or call us at 781-397-6822.

  • Testimonial: Marlande St. Louis

    November 26, 2013, No Comments

    My very first day walking into my classroom I thought to myself “is this for me? I hate school!” and”I can’t wait until that clock turns to 2 o’clock”. Every day I woke up and I knew I had…

  • Testimonial: Daniel Lapore

    September 6, 2013, No Comments

    One day I received an e-mail saying MPI offers phlebotomy and EKG for people that wish to further their medical training. My thinking was that I could add to my resume and also gain an externship. When I went…

  • Testimonial: James Tirrell

    July 8, 2013, No Comments

    I found the Job search tough after graduating from the MA program.  Without relevant experience I found it tough to get into the interview.  Deb worked with me and really helped me out with this.  I spoke with her…

  • Testimonial: Eric Leston

    January 31, 2013, No Comments

    “MPI offers a top-notch facility to ensure the learning experience that of the real world.” Eric A. Leston  Phlebotomy & EKG Class of 2010

  • Testimonial: Mabel Sarah Lubogo

    January 31, 2013, No Comments

    “Because of the good, knowledgeable instructors, I feel that has changed my life forever.” Mabel Sarah Lubogo Practical Nursing Class of 2012

  • Testimonial: Esther Ngigi

    January 31, 2013, No Comments

    “I would like to thank the entire MPI faculty and staff members for being there for the students, the well-trained instructors for your generous contribution; making sure we were well prepared for the NCLEX. My encouraging words to those…

  • Testimonial: Shamir Tazoa

    January 31, 2013, No Comments

    “MPI was a great institution and I loved every minute of my time spent there. Great classmates and a great staff as well; can’t really ask for anything better than that. Nursing is a great profession which entails a…

  • Testimonial: Patricia Gray

    January 31, 2013, No Comments

    “Thank you for helping me get the education I wanted so I could start over in a new career.  As of today I am now a Registered Phlebotomy Technician. I was able to get a job at Newton Wellesley…

  • Testimonial: Kayla Centeio

    January 31, 2013, No Comments

    “I have been hired at Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center as a full time employee I am very grateful to honor the MPI name, as I was told that I was an outstanding student.” Kayla Centeio Medical Assistant Class…

  • Testimonial: Dimaras Rumpersaud

    January 31, 2013, No Comments

    “I was a student in their 2nd PN program. I will admit it was the hardest year of school in my life, the classes were intense, but keep in mind it’s an accelerated 1 year program.  The instructors to…